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 Guest FAQ's 

Below is a list of some of the common questions we receive from guests about renting our cabins along with the answers.

Is bedding included with the rental?
Yes, we provide all sheets, pillows and blankets.   We do NOT provide bath or beach towels.
Do I need to bring soaps?
Your cabin rental includes Dish soap, hand soap at each sink, and dish washer soap if the home is equipped with a dishwasher.  We do NOT provide shampoo and conditioner or laundry detergent.   Your rental should also include a disposable sponge and hand towels for each sink.  We do NOT provide bath or beach towels.
Are there cleaning supplies available?
Most of our cabins should have basic cleaning supplies and a vacuum, broom etc available for guests to use during your stay if you need to clean up some sort of spill or mess.
Do you allow dogs?
It depends on the cabin.  We only allow dogs at cabins that are clearly marked as pet friendly in the listing. Please check your specific listing.  We do NOT allow cats or other pets at any of our cabins without prior written approval.  If your cabin is pet friendly please be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your pets in the yard and keep them off the furniture.  Pets should NEVER be left unattended in the home if not in a kennel. Some of our homes have kennels available.  Please be a good neighbor while your staying with us and keep your dog from roaming the neighborhood or barking excessivel.   
When do my access instructions arrive?
Access instructions are sent automatically 10 days before check in.  If you are less than 10 days out from arrival and you have not received your access instructions please check your spam folder.
What is your cancellation policy?
For direct bookings, we require a 30 day notice from the date of check in for a full refund.  If you're within 30 days of check in we can cancel and try and rebook.  If we are successful we would also provide a refund.   If you booked on VRBO or Airbnb their cancellation policies supersede ours.  Please log into your account and check your cancellation policy there.  All booking cancellations from one of these third party platforms needs to be initiated with them on their platform.  WE can Not cancel an Airbnb or VRBO reservation without you first requesting cancellation on the respective portal.
Is the water safe to drink?
Yes, the water is safe to drink.  As a part of our licensing, it is tested every year.  The water in the area is from a well so it is not like city water.  Depending on the time of year there may be some natural minerals present that give the water a different color and taste then city water.  It also does NOT have chlorine or other chemicals like city water.  Again, all well water is tested yearly and is safe to drink.  
Do you have a firepit?
Yes, all of our homes have fire pits.  Please be sure to bring your own matches kindling and newspaper etc . You need to start a fire.  Also, never leave a fire unattended.  If you have to leave for some reason or are done with the fire for the night please extinguish completely with water.
Do you supply Firewood?
We do NOT supply firewood or fire starting supplies.  Many of the stores and gas stations near by sell firewood.  There are also a LOT of road side stands around where you can pick up wood at a low price.
How well stocked is the kitchen?
All of our kitchens should have all you need to cook and server meals for the max occupancy of the cabin.  Pots, pans, mixing bowls, cookie sheets, plates, cups, silverware etc   Most of them are owners personal vacation homes so you should find them well stocked with even the small details like wine openers etc. 
Is there a place near by that rents boats or pontoons? 
We have a list of places to rent boats.  We can email that to you upon request.  Any boat rental you might make is between you and that party.  We do not get in the middle of boat rentals.  Always wear a lifejacket when using a boat, kayak or canoe or other water toys like paddle boards.
What do I do with my trash while at the cabin?
The majority of our cabins have dumpsters or large outdoor garbage bins. Keep in mind that you are in the northwoods and bears and racoons are prevalent.  Please follow the instructions in the welcome book on where to put garbage and how to secure the garbage dumpsters.  NEVER leave garbage bags outside the door that are not in an animal proof container.   
What happens if I have an emergency on a weekend or late at night?  
We try to monitor the Manage Cabins main telephone line 24/7/365.  Please call or text us at the number below.  If we don’t answer please leave a message and will get back to you ASAP.  (715) 600-2071 (Voice or text).  We do not monitor emails on off hours.
  If this is a life threatening emergency please call 911.  The address of your cabin can be found on the front of the welcome book.  
Do you have a pest control service?
All of our cabins are serviced by Plunkest Pest Control on a regular schedule. If you see signs of any pests in the house please email us and let us know.  Please be sure to close doors and windows behind you to keep pests out of the cabins.  The most common way pests get in the house is a door left open.  If you see any pest control devices around the home please do NOT touch them.  
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