Please Wait a Moment

Last Day Departure Checklist

Check out time is 10:00 AM.  If no prior arrangements have been made for a late checkout, you may be charged to cover the extra time housekeeping must wait.   Our cleaners are one a tight schedule and we most likely have new guests coming in.

  • Please wash all dirty dishes, empty the dishwasher and put them back where you found them.

  • Empty refrigerator and freezer. Place the contents of the refrigerator and freezer (except fish remains) in the outside garbage receptacles.  It is OK to leave unopened items in the refrigerator for housekeeping.

  • Please leave fish remains in freezer in plastic bag(s)

  • Take out the garbage. Before you leave please empty all garbage into the dumpster or provided trash cans and ensure the lid is securely locked to keep out wild animals.

  • Strip all sheets and pillowcases (not mattress pads) that you or your guests have used so housekeeping will know what to wash for the next guests. Please leave it in the room where it was located.

  • Put things back where they were when you arrived, especially furniture.

  • Be sure the coals in the fire pit are cool.

  • If your cabin has a wood fireplace make sure the coals are completely out and the damper is closed.  If your cabin has a gas fireplace be sure it is turned off.

  • Check to be sure you are taking all your belongings with you.

  • Please sign our guest journal and share your favorite experiences and memories made at our home.  Be sure to share great places in town to eat, visit and enjoy for our future guests (and us)!

  • Turn off all lights.

  • Set the thermostats. 
    • Upon departure in the fall, winter, and spring set both thermostats to Heat and to 60. 
    • Upon departure in the summer set the thermostats Cool and to “78”. 

  • Check and lock all the exterior entry doors and windows. 
  • If your cabin has a key, put the key back in the lock box and lock it.  If your dumpster is equipped with a lock, make sure the dumpster key is put back and the dumpster is closed and locked.  Bears will get in if you don’t.

  • To help us keep the house in great condition, please send an email of anything in the house that needs attention or repair or that your party broke to: (

Please send us an email with suggestions about your stay and include things that we can share with future guests.  We’ll incorporate your suggestions in our Guest Welcome book. Your feedback is important to us.
We wholeheartedly thank you for staying at our lake home.  We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your stay. We genuinely appreciate your patronage and hope you choose to continue your memory making at our home in the future.  If you wish to book for next year, please contact us directly.  Direct bookings save us both fees that the platforms like VRBO and AirBNB charge to owners and guests.

Please travel home safely and come again!