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Explore Hayward's Finest Wineries and Breweries

Hayward, Wisconsin, offers a rich and diverse scene for lovers of fine wines, craft beers, and artisan spirits. Each establishment in the area brings its own unique flair, showcasing the best of local and international flavors. Whether you're a connoisseur or simply enjoy casual tasting, Hayward's wineries, breweries, and distilleries provide a perfect backdrop for exploration and enjoyment. From the eco-friendly and organic wines at Clover Meadow Winery to the innovative craft beers at Round Man Brewing Co, and the unique Maple Syrup Vodka at Perlick Distillery, there's something to delight every palate. These local treasures, each with their distinct character and offerings, make Hayward a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to indulge in the world of artisanal beverages.

Out of the Woods Winery: A Taste of Global Flavors in Hayward

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of 'Out of the Woods Winery', a family-run haven for wine lovers in Hayward. Savor our unique selections, from locally crafted Hookstone wines to a diverse array of wines, ciders, and meads from Wisconsin, California, Washington, and beyond. Our welcoming atmosphere invites you to indulge in life’s simple pleasures: exceptional craft drinks, heartwarming company, and mouthwatering hot eats. Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual taster, join us for an unforgettable experience that blends local charm with global tastes.

Red School House Wines: Stone Lake's Hidden Gem for Wine Enthusiasts

Step into the charming world of Red School House Wines in Stone Lake, a cozy and inviting destination for wine lovers. Our quaint establishment offers a diverse selection of fine wines that cater to every palate. Whether you're an experienced connoisseur or a curious beginner, our friendly atmosphere and expertly curated wine collection promise a delightful experience. Unwind and savor the unique flavors at Red School House Wines, where every visit is an opportunity to discover new favorites and create lasting memories.

Round Man Brewing Co: Hayward's Gateway to Innovative Craft Beer

This one is in nearby Spooner, WI but worth the trip:  Round Man Brewing Co, recommended by Manage Cabins, is a beacon for beer lovers in Hayward. Known for its innovative approach to craft brewing, this brewery offers an array of distinctive beers that cater to diverse tastes. Whether you're in the mood for a robust stout, a refreshing ale, or something uniquely experimental, Round Man Brewing Co's selection is sure to impress. The brewery's inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for relaxing and socializing. Visitors can look forward to a memorable experience of flavor exploration and local craft beer culture at Round Man Brewing Co.

Clover Meadow Winery: Organic Wines in a Rustic Setting

Clover Meadow Winery, nestled in the picturesque landscapes surrounding Hayward, is a hidden gem recommended by Manage Cabins for wine enthusiasts. As the only certified organic winery in the Midwest, Clover Meadow stands out for its commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Visitors can enjoy a variety of handcrafted wines in a rustic, serene setting, perfect for those seeking a unique and authentic wine-tasting experience. With a focus on quality and natural processes, Clover Meadow Winery offers a delightful escape for those who appreciate organic, artisanal wines.

Angry Minnow Brewing Co: A Hub of Craft Beer Culture in Hayward

Angry Minnow Brewing Co stands out as a must-visit destination in Hayward for craft beer enthusiasts. Managed Cabins recommends this historic brewery for its exceptional range of locally brewed beers. Each brew at Angry Minnow is crafted with unique flair, offering something special for every palate. The brewery's cozy ambiance, set in a historic building, creates the perfect backdrop for exploring their diverse beer selection. Whether you're a seasoned beer aficionado or new to the craft scene, Angry Minnow Brewing Co offers a memorable experience with its innovative and classic ales.

Tamarack Farms Winery: Artisanal Delights in Hayward's Countryside

Embark on a delightful journey at Tamarack Farms Winery, Hayward's award-winning gem nestled in a picturesque farm setting. Our winery specializes in small-batch, artisan-crafted wines made from the finest locally-grown cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, and apples. Indulge in our unique craft beers and warm up with our hot apple cider wines. Enhance your experience with our wood-fired pizzas, hot chili, and a variety of small plate appetizers and party trays featuring Wisconsin’s finest cheeses and sausages. Located just 8 miles east of Hayward on County Highway B, a visit to our family's winery is a journey worth taking.

Perlick Distillery: A Must-Visit for Vodka and Whiskey Aficionados

A bit of a drive south from Hayward, Perlick Distillery is a treasure for vodka and whiskey enthusiasts, highly recommended by Manage Cabins. This distillery stands out for its artisanal spirits, especially the not-to-be-missed Maple Syrup Vodka. Each spirit is crafted with meticulous care, showcasing the distillery's commitment to quality and innovation. A visit to Perlick Distillery is a journey into the heart of fine spirit production, making it a must-see for those who appreciate the finer nuances of vodka and whiskey.