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Long Lake: The Walleye Capital of Wisconsin-Washburn County

Overview of Long Lake

Long Lake, a spectacular 19-mile stretch of water in Washburn County, Wisconsin, is renowned as the Walleye Capital of Wisconsin. With a surface area of approximately 3,478 acres and depths reaching over 70 feet, it's a premier lakeside destination. The lake's crystal-clear, spring-fed water, coupled with its scenic beauty, attracts visitors year after year.

A Hub of Outdoor Activities

Long Lake is celebrated for its vibrant fishing scene, with species like walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, bass, and panfish thriving in its waters. The lake is not only a fisherman's paradise but also a hotspot for boating, kayaking, swimming, and other water sports. In the winter, the lake transforms into a haven for ice fishing enthusiasts.

Access and Amenities

Public access is easy with several boat landings around the lake. The surrounding area is rich in attractions, including the Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, Perlick Distillery, and the famous Long Lake & Sarona area, known for excellent golfing and extensive ATV & snowmobile trails.

Cultural and Recreational Richness

The nearby town of Sarona enhances the lake's appeal with the Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, offering miles of hiking trails and nature programs. Long Lake is also part of the Hayward Lakes region, adding to the variety of outdoor experiences available to visitors.

Dining and Resorts

Long Lake boasts several resorts, bait shops, and restaurants, offering a wholesome lakeside experience. The lake’s shores are dotted with resorts and bars, such as the Pioneer, Lincolnwood, and Grumpy's, where visitors can enjoy waterfront dining and a cozy atmosphere.

Why Visit Long Lake?

Long Lake offers a blend of tranquil beauty and exciting outdoor activities, making it a perfect destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure. Whether it's fishing, water sports, hiking, or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere, Long Lake provides an idyllic setting for a memorable getaway in Wisconsin's Northwoods.

Cabins for rent on Long Lake

Golf Road Lake House Bedrooms: 9, Sleeps: 18

Eagle Scout Lodge Bedrooms: 6, Sleeps: 14

Lincolnwood Resort Cabin Rentals - Multiple 1-3 bedroom Cabins